December 13, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 51 (Holy cookies, voice of God, creepy Dora and more)

My daughter is one step closer to Jesus. She and the other second graders going through religious education had their first reconciliation last night.

I told her in advance it would probably be a lot less stressful than my first confession which, as a convert, was only eight years ago. She was nervous, but she did alright. And it was a nice perk that she and her classmates received these angel cookies baked by my wife who happens to be their religious education teacher.

I've been wondering whose voice would be the best to play God in the movies or on TV. Some shows have used a British-sounding voice for God. But I think a deep voice works better. If James Earl Jones hasn't played God yet, he should. He could use his best CNN voice:


Of course, Gorge Burns knocked it out of the park as an elderly, unassuming (yet all powerful) God back in 1978 in Oh, God!:

I like when we get cold weather in central Texas, but it's been a little out of control lately. Since the week before Thanksgiving we've already had the threat of three or four winter storms, and last week into this week we went through a stretch of many days with no sun and temps rarely getting above freezing. I didn't even know my daughter's little weather station had a snowflake warning (with a dreaded exclamation point!) until it popped up the other day:

It was really weird to see the sun while I drove to work on Tuesday morning after all those cloudy days. I actually had to fumble through my bag and find my trusty pair of  impact-resistant polycarbonate sunglasses that meet the ANSI Z87.1 & CAN/CSA Z94.3-07 standard.

(Shameless promotion of my sunglasses post)

The bitterly cold weather didn't stop my family and many others from attending a luncheon at our church last Saturday to raise money for the victims in the Philippines. If I heard correctly, the organizers ended up selling 400 plates of traditional Filipino food for $10 each. The proceeds went to Catholic Relief Services for distribution in the Philippines

Check out these totally creepy Dora the Explorer toys I saw the other day:

We've watched plenty of Dora in our household in the seven years I've been a parent. Dora is not scary at all, but for some reason these half Dora/half animal toys really creeped me out. They were weird in the same way that it's kind of weird on Sesame Street when Elmo imagines he's something else and they make a Muppet with his features on a different animal, like this  Elmophant:

Half Elmo/half elephant squirting an Elmo/mouse hybrid (Courtesy:
I amused my seven-year-old the other day by playing on my phone the opening credits from old TV shows from the 50s and 60s. She thought the funniest opening theme was Green Acres. To her credit, when I showed her the opening from Gilligan's Island which she had never seen, she immediately recognized it as the subject of a Veggie Tales parody called Larry's Lagoon. Here's a trailer which includes some of the parody scenes:


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