December 20, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 52 (UPS graveyard, unsinkable Teatanic, Santa takes 5, and more)

I'd like to suggest a new slogan for the city of Mesquite, TX. Instead of Real. Texas. Flavor., how about Where UPS Packages Go To Die.

On Wednesday I finally received three packages that were ordered with second-day delivery during the first week of December. But the big ice storm in Texas a couple of weeks ago seems to have crippled the delivery of any UPS package that happened to be routed through Mesquite. These packages took quite a bit longer than my UPS package in October that was on a train that derailed in the Mojave Desert.  

I guess I should get to know my daughter's classmates' parents a little better. Last Friday evening we went to a kids' Christmas party at the home of one of my daughter's friends from second grade. I had no idea until the small talk started that the friend's father and I are coworkers. He telecommutes, and we had never heard of each other!

At the party there was a reindeer food bar where the kids assembled bags of food to spread on the lawn on Christmas Eve. When did this tradition start? I've always heard of people leaving out milk and cookies for Santa. But food on the lawn for the reindeer?

We don't "do" Santa in our household. But we did attend Breakfast with Santa at our church last Saturday morning. It would be too predictable for me to post a picture of my kids on Santa's lap. So instead, I snapped a picture of Santa's photographer sitting in the big guy's chair while he was on break.

Santa said he needed a break to call the North Pole and make sure things were going smoothly. But I think he probably had to use the jolly old elf's room.

'Tis the season for office Christmas parties. That's no fun if you're an introvert. This week I had two Christmas lunch parties on consecutive days. Ugh! Actually I had an okay time. But I have to live up to my reputation as an introvert and say that I would have been just as happy to cower in the corner by myself.

One of the parties had a white elephant gift exchange. The gift I opened first (and nobody stole) was a half-pound box of loose tea and a "Teatanic" tea infuser which was quite amusing. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

I was surprised to see a $150 price tag on the back of my framed Bugs Bunny baseball print which I moved from my house to my office this week. Many years ago I worked for Time Warner and, as I recall, received a Christmas gift in the form of a deep discount at the Warner Brothers Store. I hate shopping, so I browsed quickly and found this. I don't remember how much I paid, but it certainly wasn't $150. I like Bugs Bunny but not that much.

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  1. It's nice to get to know fellow parents, I agree - yesterday I was talking to a fellow mom at my kids' school and learned that she actually works at our doctor's office! - small world!

  2. As a former member of cubeville in corporate Canada that "Teatanic" is just hilarious and is something I would have given.