December 14, 2013

Christian Fellowship at Costco

[The following is a guest post from my wife, reprinted (with permission!) from her Facebook page.]

I cried as I started up my car, humbled by the loving action of the lady who jumped out of her car to help me unload my Costco purchases. 

"I've been there," she said as she let me put the baby into her seat. 

And then there was the lady who stopped to tell me my baby was so joyful and smart and then told me about her grand kids and great grand kids - I love that! 

I told her, "God bless you!" 

And she said, "How did you know I'm a Christian? I'm 72 years old and I just found out who Jesus is!" 

We hugged and laughed! I'm so grateful for random fellowship at the Costco!

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