December 2, 2013

Of Mice and (Baseball) Men

While recovering from Thanksgiving dinner overdose at a family gathering on Thursday night, we played a story-writing game suggested by my seven-year-old daughter. Each person grabbed a different color marker, and we passed around a poster board. The first person wrote the opening sentence to a story, and whenever it was your turn, you had to add a sentence. Then the poster went around and around until the story was finally completed.

The group came up with an, uhh, interesting story about a princess, mice and baseball which I will share with you now. I've cleaned up the spelling a punctuation a bit in my transcription. But you can see photos of the original text below.

The Magic Mice

Once there was a princess, and she was very beautiful. She had curly brown hair and brown eyes. She had a little sister who liked to eat and was good at playing peek-a-boo. She loves screaming boo hoo, and all the mice would come from their hiding holes to listen to her screams.

She decided to invite the mice to a baseball game, but the mice were afraid that the baseball stadium would have mousetraps. But the princess checked online and discovered that the stadium DID have mousetraps. The princess picked up each mouse and put it up into her curly hair to keep them safe while her sister watched and laughed. Oh, how everyone laughed and giggled! 

The princess now decided to find something more interesting to do to attract more attention; she lifted her magic wand that was given to her by a magician and out came a... guess what? Out came a tiny, adorable little puppy! The princess scooped the puppy up first and accidentally knocked her sister down. It turned out she was okay, but her mom said, "Say sorry to Amy, (which was her sister) and please share!!"

Her little sister took a turn with the wand and accidentally turned the mice into baseball players. When all the people in the stadium saw this, they laughed and sang, "Take my mice to the ball game, magically give them a bat, make them into players with a glove and a hat, we don't care if they ever get back..."

"Ole'," screamed the crowd. Suddenly, the ghost of Harry Caray appeared and sang, "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." Everyone sang along and when it was over then the princess took her sister and her mice... I mean baseball players... home (and lived happily ever after)!

We played a second round of the story game the next day. When I get around to transcribing that one, I'll share with you the tale of Shamus McSqueekenstein.

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