December 8, 2013

The Tales of Shamus McSqueekenstein

This is part two of the story-writing game that our family played over the long Thanksgiving weekend. If you haven't read Of Mice and (Baseball) Men, you may want to check out that one first.

My adorable daughter, age 7, suggested that we play the game. Everyone grabbed a different colored marker and we passed around a piece of poster board. The first person wrote a sentence to begin the story. And then when it was your turn, you had to read the previous sentences and add on to the story until it (finally!) came to an end.

Here's what the group came up with on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm aware that we misspelled "squeak" throughout the story! And be sure to check out the original images and artwork below.

It was early in the forest and no one was awake except a little grey squirrel named Squeeky. You probably think that the squirrel's name is Squeeky because it squeeks, but actually he was named after his great grandfather Shamus McSqueekenstein.

Squeeky felt free exploring the forest climbing with great energy trees after trees, branches after branches, with no worry in the world. Skiing in the mountains and riding bicycles were some of Squeeky's favorite hobbies besides looking for nuts and squeeking little noises that a squeekster does.

Squeeky loves squeeking so much he did it every minute, but his big sister did not like his squeeking. His big sister's name was Squawk. She didn't like squeeking so she would sit on the highest elm tree and squawk in a mean voice.

Squawk saw Squeeky in the tree closest to their house. She thought they would have a contest to see who was the loudest. And they could make lots of money if they recorded the contest with a camera and posted it on You Tube. They thought by using the bicycles the noise would be deafening, and people would think of a great explosion ravaging the forest with force.

Pondering on how to make the most and loudest noises, Squeeky and Squawky decided to get big speakers that would be so loud the trees in the forest would shake. They started to begin the squeeking and squawking and siming and smoring , it turned out that Squwak won!! :(

Well, Squawk wasn't satisfied with the amount of noise. "It's not loud enough! I need it louder!" So she made a gigantic NASA sized amplifier to blast the whole forest. "MMMMMMM BOOM!"

The rest of the animals emerged from their homes with ear muffs. "What are you doing?" they asked with frustration. The other animals said, "You crazy squirrels, it is winter and we're supposed to be hibernating."

Then all of the forest animals formed a circle and began to tickle their squeekers. "Ha ha ha ha ha. Stop."

Squeeky was mad, I mean frustrated, but just then the squirrels' mom came out of her hole. "CHILDREN," she said, "Be quiet!!!  And Squeeky, be nice and you can do this again." Sure enough, the next time they did that, Squeeky won!!!

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