December 22, 2013

Wall, tree and other stumbling block

These may be the funniest product warnings I've ever read. This week I installed some security cameras outside the house, mainly because our front door and windows aren't conducive to seeing who's there when the doorbell rings.

I practically fell on the floor laughing when I read the "Restrictions" section of the owner's manual. Here's a verbatim transcription of the funny ones, typos/missing words/bizarre language and all. Brace yourself.

DO NOT place this product too close to medical equipments.
1. Radio waves might potentially cause breakdown of medical electrical equipments and might cause incidents.
2. Place the product at least 22cm from the heart pacemaker. Radio wave potentially influences heart pacemaker and thus leads to respiratory disturbance. 

DO NOT use this product to monitor equipments or activities that are relevant to one's privacy.

DO NOT this product to carry out any illegal activities such as sneak preview, and etc. SecurityMan shall not be responsible for any consequences of illegal conducts made by users.

DO NOT put the plastic package bags in reach of children or babies. Young children can choke on these items if they put them into their mouths.

DO NOT plug the AC adapter into the outlet in improper situations.

[Here's my personal favorite:]

DO NOT use it aboard; please abide by the airway's provision. It might influence communication aboard and the flying apparatus if departing from the airway's regulation. This will result in accident, possible death and severe physical hurt.

DO NOT put the camera in quaky paces.

DO NOT use the camera in complex environment, the obstruction of stumbling block will affect the electromagnetic wave and influence the receiving range. Wall, tree and other stumbling block might absorb, reflect the electromagnetic wave, and influence the receiving range.

DO NOT use the camera in the places which are covered with metal. The around metal, such as elevator and cabin, might shield the electromagnetic wave, and result in inability to receive signals.
And here's a bonus from the "Quick Start" section of the manual:

NOTE: Before mounting the cameras, please do a quick reception quality test before mounting the cameras.
I laughed so hard reading this manual that I practically had a respiratory disturbance!

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