January 18, 2014

Flexing My (Fitbit) Muscle

I've been a Fitbit pedometer user for several years now. Recently I received my annual stats for 2013, and now I'm trying to figure out if or why they make sense Here's a sample:

My single most active day of the year was Thursday, February 7. What was it that made me so active on this day? I have no idea. I looked at my blog archives for some clues. I didn't post anything on that exact day, but I did post Quick Takes the next day. Unfortunately, nothing in that post referred specifically to February 7. But I did hear some funny comments from priests that week:

Don't you love a priest with a sense of humor? On Monday I went to daily Mass at a parish near my workplace. It was supposed to start at 11:30 a.m., but the priest didn’t get up to the altar until about seven minutes later. He said, “I’m sorry for being late, but I was talking to Sister Joan, and she wouldn’t shut up!” Don’t worry, he said it in a jovial voice and received a good round of laughs.
I heard some more priestly humor on the drive back to work. Someone called Go Ask Your Father on Relevant Radio and asked whether the Super Bowl halftime show was a near occasion of sin. The priest said something like, “Well, for one thing it was a near occasion of exhaustion.”

My most active weekday throughout the year was Monday. Sounds reasonable that I'd be more active following the weekend, especially whenever it was a relaxing weekend without too much activity.

My most active month of 2013 was August. I posted 10 blog entries that month, but once again there's nothing in them that gives me a good idea why it was my most active. In fact, we took a mini-vacation in late August, and it wasn't an overly active trip. I would have thought maybe September would have been more active since I upgraded to a Fitbit Flex that month.

The stats show that my least active month of the year was June, and my seven blog entries that month don't give me any indication why.

And finally, my least active day throughout the year was Saturday. I'll accept that one. After a long exhausting week of work, I'm usually not interested in impressing my Fitbit on Saturday. After all, I'm sitting here writing this on a Saturday when I could be out enjoying life and doing something more active.


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