January 20, 2014

It Was His Time

One of the deacons at our church just returned from Nigeria with an amazing, albeit sad, story to tell. He was there to attend the funeral of his father who died at the age of 101. At his first Mass since returning, the deacon explained this remarkable experience in his homily. (Unfortunately, here you're only going to see my super-short, un-remarkable summary.)

His father seemed to know that it was his time. He'd been making a concerted effort lately to try to contact the people he had wronged or offended throughout his life to apologize and ask for their forgiveness. Just the same, he tried to contact those who'd wronged or offended him so he could forgive them.

Apparantly, he reached a point where he felt he had done all he could do. One night he gathered his family by his side, gave them all a blessing and told them that if he wasn't there in the morning not to worry. Sure enough, he passed away in the middle of the night.

Most of us probably won't have this kind of foresight when our time comes. Shouldn't we be living our lives each and every day the way the deacon's father did before he died?


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