January 1, 2014

When the (patron) saints go marching in

Happy new year. My randomly generated patron saint for the new year is...


St. Cajetan. You can have a patron saint of the year selected for you too with Conversion Diary's Saint's Name Generator.

I had never heard of St. Cajetan, and the first thing I thought when his name and info came up was uh oh because he's the patron saint of the unemployed. Hope I don't need him for that this year! Perhaps this is a call for me to pray for the unemployed throughout the year.

St. Cajetan did some remarkable things. In the 1500s when the Church was in rough shape, other people got fed up, quit and formed their own religions. But St. Cajetan was a reformer and worked hard to help strengthen the Church. He was so dedicated to helping the sick, poor and unemployed that he founded a hospital for "incurables" and a bank so people woudn't get ripped off by loan sharks. Pretty cool.

I had also used the Saint's Name Generator at the beginning of last year and came up with St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi for 2013. As I found out a year ago, this was not such a random choice after all since her feast day "coincidentally" happened to be the day we had already selected for our baby to be baptized. Once again, pretty cool!


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