February 26, 2014

7 in 7: A Parting Shot

[This is day three of 7 Posts in 7 Days.]

I don't intend for all my posts this week to be about my late grandmother. But hear me out on one more. Instead of funny things said by me or her in the 70s, this time I will fast forward to something amusing, but not particularly kind, I said the 90s.

I was still living in south Florida at the time, and this was not too long before my grandmother passed away. In fact, this tale started with a stroke that eventually lead to hear death. She was rushed to the hospital emergency room by ambulance one afternoon. I'm not sure that I remember all the details, but I think I found out what happened at the end of the workday. So after work I headed to the hospital to meet up with my parents who were there with my grandmother.

I walked into the emergency room lobby and my father came out to take me back to the area where my grandmother was being treated. My mother was still back there with her. But there was a hospital security guard standing near the doorway, and he must have been keeping close tabs on how many family members were present. He said to me, "You can't go back there. Only two people are allowed to accompany a patient into the ER treatment area."

We tried to talk our way past him, but he still said no. So my father and I pulled a "fast one." You see, he was a doctor and had spent much time during his career at that hospital. So he gave me quick instructions on how to get to the ER treatment area from an apparently secret back way.

I walked out of the ER and through the parking lot to the main entrance of the hospital and strode right past the front desk (nobody even looked at me, let alone tried to stop me). After passing through a few doors and taking a few rights and lefts down various hallways, suddenly I found myself in the presumably private back area of the ER where I quickly located my parents and grandmother who was still being treated.

I stuck around for quite a while, but then when it was time for my grandmother to be moved from the ER to a regular room, I headed home while my parents remained. I left through the main ER entrance, and guess who was still standing there on guard? Yes, Mr. Security Guard was at his post.

Here's my quick disclaimer: I should have just minded my own business, walked past him, kept my mouth shut and headed to the car. So kids, don't do what I did. But after a long, stressful day and my grandmother's life in the balance, I decided to take a parting shot at the guard who wouldn't let me in earlier.

I walked right by him and without making eye contact I said, "I guess more than two people are allowed past you after all!"

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The scene of my parting shot (Courtesy: The Palm Beach Post)



  1. Hi,
    I'm participating in Jen's challenge too (#173) and finding new blogs to read. It is great you have such memories of your grandmother. Mine is about to turn 100 and I was able to visit her last December.
    Have a a great week!