February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 59 (Food splatter, soapy confession, social distancing and more)

--- 1 ---

I witnessed the worst plate-shattering, food-splattering restaurant accident I've ever seen the other day. A server came out of the kitchen right near my booth carrying a huge tray of food over her shoulder. I just happened to look up right at the moment when the tray slid and flipped upside down onto the floor sending pieces of broken plate and food all over the place. The crash was loud, and the whole room fell silent. It felt like the same sort of shock and awe that you experience when you see a car accident right in front of you. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but a guy at another table wound up with food all over his suit. I felt terrible for the server. Is that a firing offense in a restaurant?


--- 2 ---

Check out this soap dispenser confession drafted up by my seven-year-old daughter and a couple of her friends after an incident in the bathroom at our house:


--- 3 ---

I always love a priest with a sense of humor. Last Saturday was our pastor's twenty-second ordination anniversary, so for the 8 a.m. Mass, many parishioners packed into the small chapel where the daily Masses are celebrated. At the end, the pastor said, "Had I known you were going to fill up the chapel, I would have taken a up collection during Mass!"


--- 4 ---

To honor the preist on his anniversary, the bishop in our Diocese celebrated the Saturday vigil Mass at our church that evening. Afterwards, we went through the greeting line to shake the bishop's hand and thank him for visitng. Then as we headed out the door, one of the deacons asked my daughter if the bishop gave her a blessing. We said no, so then he pulled us over to the bishop (who by then had retreated to the sacristy and was not expecting any more visitors) and asked him to bless our family. Pretty cool.


--- 5 ---

This week's big announcement that CVS will stop selling cigarettes reminded me of this really great TV commercial from the 80s:


--- 6 ---

Credit card companies must be extra jittery after the Target security breach. Within minutes after making a small online donation to Catholic Charities Atlanta (wanted to help after hearing all the horror stories about the snowstorm there), I received an email and call from my credit card company asking me to verify if the charge was legitimate.


--- 7 ---

I heard a great new term while listening to a lecture on employer emergency preparedness: social distancing. The speaker said that it's good to be prepared to work from home for long periods of time. For example, workers should have equipment and provisions at home if there's a pandemic flu and they were required to have six weeks of social distancing. As an introvert, I'd like to know where I can sign up for six weeks of social distancing!

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