February 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 60 (Slappy baby, instant zoo, Hello Kitty/goodbye bugs and more)

--- 1 ---

A baby's demeanor can change in a matter of seconds. Check out these three photos my wife took of our daughters. Our little one went from happy to unhapppy to slappy in a moment's notice. Nobody was injured!



--- 2 ---

When you need to entertain young children and you're in a city that doesn't have a good zoo (sorry, Austin), then you go for the next best thing. We swung by the Petco store on Saturday. My 16-month-old thought it was amazing.

--- 3 ---

After the Great Soap Dispenser Confession of 2014, the replacement dispenser brought back some childhood memories:

Hello Kitty/Goodbye Bugs

No, I didn't play with Hello Kitty when I was a little boy. But the fragrance reminded me of something. After smelling my hands for a while, I figured it out. This soap smells like the Off! brand insect repellant I used as a kid in summer camp. If Hello Kitty cleans our hands and keeps the mosquitoes away, that's an added bonus!


--- 4 ---

Speaking of childhood memories, when my older daughter came home from school and said she liked the metronome in music class, I thought she was talking about the real thing. Nope. The class uses a virtual metronome on the SFS Kids site. (Check it out; it's fun.) My eccentric elementary school music teacher in the 70s would be shocked by this advancement in music


--- 5 ---

By the time this post hits the internet, the world's slowest concrete patio expansion project should be rapidly moving closer to completion. When we hired the guy to do the work in our back yard in early January, he estimated it would be a three day job. He just didn't specify that it would be three days in a row. Actually most of the delays were beyond his control. Now that we hopefully have the rain, freezing temperatures, ice storms and concrete supplier delays out of the way, the concrete is supposed to be poured this morning. That is, if all the planets are lined up.


--- 6 ---

Somehow when I wasn't paying attention, central Texas transformed into a winter wonderland. I've lived here for about 14 years and have never seen a winter like this. We usually get an ice storm every few years. But this year's been crazy. My daughter has had three days of school cancelled and three or four other days with a delayed opening all due to icy weather, or the threat of it.


--- 7 ---

Sometimes automatically placed website ads show up in terrible places. Maybe this one's less shocking than the car ad I mentioned in 7QT last month, but it's still bad. Check out the headline and ad below from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (where I get a good fix of Atlanta Braves news) on Tuesday:

When the worst winter storm in 14 years is bearing down, isn't it at least a little bit in poor taste to have a silly gas company ad that looks like a weather forecast on the same page?

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