February 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 61 (Bathroom trivia, goo sandwich, gel baby and more)

--- 1 ---

This isn't bathroom humor; it's bathroom fact. Back in November I was puzzled about why a popular breakfast restaurant had ice in its urinals. Here's the lovely photo again:

While my mom and brother were visiting from Florida last weekend, we went back to the same place for breakfast. And sure enough, when I stopped into the facilities, the urinals were filled with ice again. So we asked. It turns out that putting ice in a urinal is a well-known method of reducing bacteria and odor. I just hope there's no cross contamination with the ice machine in the kitchen.


--- 2 ---

There was something scary on the menu at another restaurant we went to last weekend. The kids' menu included a Nutella sandwich. Gee, what a healthy idea for children: smearing chocolate goo between two pieces of bread. Does the Nutella company still market its product as a nutritious food for kids? Yikes.


--- 3 ---

Check out the tie my mom gave me as a gift during her visit. The penguins fit nicely with all the icy weather we've had in central Texas this winter. Except right when she got here, our temps shot into the 70s and even hit 80 once or twice.


--- 4 ---


Babies are amused by the strangest things. My 16-month-old daughter has discovered that the gel mats in our kitchen provide an interesting surface to walk on. Sometimes she does laps in the kitchen walking back and forth across the mats. The manufacturer should market these things for kids.


--- 5 ---

My rule of thumb is that any product that says it's easy to assemble or use is actually going to be nearly impossible. That was definitely the case with my daughter's Cra-Z-Loom bracelet maker. Apparantly you need to be a professional seamstress to figure out how to make the bracelets. Well, the instructions looked unworkable to me, but my wife and daughter figured it out.


--- 6 ---

I was amused when we took my daughter to the pediatric dentist the other day. It was funny the way they disguised the big scary tank of gas. Not sure why the horses are upside down though.

--- 7 ---

Our backyard patio project that would never end finally ended. (But maybe I shouldn't tell you that we think the concrete guy may have messed up our sprinkler system!)

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  1. #2

    I have a child, the despite food therapy will only eat Nutella sandwiches.

    We don't go out to eat with four children, but I don't take them out until they can eat off the adult menu.

    Children should eat what their parents eat. I never understood children's menus, unless it was a half-plate version of the meal.

    1. Yes, children's menus ought to have smaller versions of the regular menu, not just chicken nuggets and chocolate sandwiches.