February 28, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 62 (Missing mail, Satan skipper, priestly humor and more )

--- 1 ---

This is day five of 7 Posts in 7 Days and 7 Quick Takes Friday all neatly packaged together under one roof. And by telling you this I have already used up one take.


--- 2 ---

I think our mailman is having technical difficulties. The online tracking said a small package I was expecting was delivered last Friday. But actually I didn't receive it until the following Tuesday. That's not too bad, except that the package was one of 19 items delivered to our mailbox that day - three items for us and 16 items for our next-door neighbor!


--- 3 ---

It's amazing how different siblings can be. My older daughter has always been afraid of dogs; in fact, she gets worried hearing the sound of a dog barking. On the other hand, if my 16-month-old sees any type of animal, she will crawl, walk, run, butt scoot or lunge to get closer to it. We went to a birthday party last weekend in a multiple cat household, and she couldn't keep her hands off them.


--- 4 ---

My seven-year-old really likes watching How It's Made on Amazon Prime via the Roku. It's interesting too see how various products are manufactured. But she was really creeped out by two recent segements. And admittedly, I wasn't thrilled with them either. One showed how artificial eyes are made, and it had a few too many closeups of someone's eyelid open with no eye in it! The other one had to do with skin grafts. It was a little weird to see thick pieces of real skin being cut up in a Petri dish.


--- 5 ---

Something else my daughter watches from time to time on the Roku is Gilligan's Island. And this has somehow rubbed off on her when it comes to religious education. One day she was listening to an audio Bible story voiced by actors. When she heard Satan speak she said, "That sounds like the Skipper!" Did Alan Hale, Jr. ever play the devil?

The Skipper or the devil? (Courtesy: gilligansisle.com)


--- 6 ---

I heard a joke in the lobby of my daughter's elementary school, and this same joke was quite popular way back in my school days. One kid asked, "You know what?" The other kid answered, "What?" And the first one replied, "Chicken butt!" Why is it that this ridiculous schoolyard joke has withstood the test of time for generations? I'll have to explore this further tomorrow.


--- 7 ---

Good joke from a visiting priest at Mass recently: A woman lived with her 80-year-old widowed mother. Her mother went out on a date with a 95-year-old man. When she got home after the date, her daughter asked how it went. The older woman said, "I had to slap him three times." Her daughter said, "Why, was he fresh?" The woman replied, "No, I thought he was dead."

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