March 2, 2014

7 in 7: Topic Dump

[This is the last day of 7 Posts in 7 Days, thankfully.]

As I plotted out what to write about over the past seven days, several things didn't make the cut as full posts. Here are a few of those stray topics:

R-E-S-P-E-C-T while Eating

A funny thing happened when I worked in TV news in Detroit back in the 90s. There was BBQ lunch in the city somewhere to raise money for a prominent charity, and the guest of honor was the legendary Aretha Franklin.

The TV station sent a staffer to shoot some quick video of the event. During part of the time the video was shot, Aretha happened to be eating chicken wings. After all, it was a BBQ. Later in the afternoon, her publicist called the newsroom and asked (rather sternly) that we not use any video of Aretha eating chicken wings. I can understand that. Doesn't everybody look like a slob while eating chicken wings?

[Courtesy: Wikipedia]


Eat, Drink and Be Rainy

When I was in college in the early 90s, I took a really interesting sports management course as an elective. One of the guest lecturers was the general manager of the Lakeland Tigers, the Class A minor league affiliate of the Detroit Tigers.

He told us a funny little business fact about rain delays. As many baseball fans know, when rain delays the start of a pro baseball game, the home team makes the final decision on whether to postpone the game. The general manager told us that the team would always wait to call off the game until the concession stands had reached a certain level of sales. Sneaky, huh?

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Jocks and Jills

One weekend in the early 90s, a few college buddies and I drove from Florida up to Atlanta to see a Braves game. While in town, we found a sports bar called Jocks and Jills; so we went in to hang out, drink some beer, eat some food and probably make too much noise.

While we were there CNN/TBS sports reporter Craig Sager walked up to our table and asked how the food was. I turns out that he was (and still is) a part owner of Jocks and Jills. He hung out with us for a little while (and as a mass communications major at the time, I tried to hit him up for a job!), and he may have even given us an extra pitcher of beer or an appetizer on the house. I don't exactly remember.

The one thing I do remember is that he was not wearing one of those loud suits that he's known for wearing on TV these days.

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