March 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 63 (Nice ash, cemetery humor, icy grammar and more)

--- 1 ---

I have to give credit to the social media universe for its creativity on Ash Wednesday. Using "#ashtag" as a hashtag was brilliant. After going to Mass at noon on Ash Wednesday, I did my duty and Tweeted a picture of my ashes, although I opted for an extreme closeup.

Looks less like a cross and more like the state of Texas.


--- 2 ---

I always brace myself before reading secular news stories about Pope Francis. It's great that the media is paying attention to him, but all too often I see stories that jump to wild conclusions based on the things he says. And sometimes I wonder where reporters get their "facts" about the Catholic Church. One story in a major newspaper said that deacons are "lay members" who assist with Mass. Uh, no. Fortunately they corrected the error a few hours later.

--- 3 ---

I hope I'm wrong, but this ad I saw in a church bulletin last weekend sounds kind of creepy and mysterious:


--- 4 ---

Right next to that ad was more of a regular-sounding ad for a local cemetery. I guess there's stiff competition in the burial business. (Some of these jokes practically write themselves.)


--- 5 ---

What did central Texas do to deserve seven different ice/sleet/freezing rain storms all in the same winter season? Quite often we go an entire winter without anything cold falling from the sky. Here's my older daughter heading into school on the cold and windy day before this week's ice storm.

Daughter dressed for the cold (or to rob a bank).


--- 6 ---

With the winter we've had, you'd think kids at my daughter's school would notice if they stepped outside without their jackets and sweaters. But, no. Check out the lost-and-found rack in the school lobby. See anything you like?


--- 7 ---

I received this email alert from the local police department the morning of the ice storm. I can't figure out if this is Texas twang or poor grammar. Maybe they should have said, "Drive careful, ya'll."


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