March 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 64 (Elevator ovulator, presidential potty, pepperoni milkshake and more)

You'd think this introvert wouldn't be going back to the mall any time soon after last weekend's adventure. While the purchase of the communion dress for my older daughter was a success, some baby clothes my wife bought at the Macy's didn't fit. So we were back at that crazy building full of stores a few days later. I will say that going back on a weekday was far less chaotic. But I'd still rather stay home and hide in the corner.

Pregnant women only give birth inside elevators on sitcoms, right? At least that's what I was telling myself as I was on a very crowded, very slow (to the point where people wondered if it was broken) elevator with a very pregnant woman on Tuesday. She acknowledged after the fact that it was an "anxiety-incuding" situation. Fortunately nothng else was induced.

You know it's spring break when within just a few hours after school lets out, your kid is alredy bored. My poor seven-year-old was especially cranky on the first day of spring break. So I put my arms around her and said, "I'm going to hug the crankiness out of you." She responded, "Daddy, you're hugging more crankiness in me!"

I took the week off to hang out with the family for spring break, and we sneaked out to the Texas Hill Country for a couple of days. Rather than bore you with obligatory vacation stories, I'll just show you a picture of my 17-month-old sitting next to a giant stuffed bear outside a toy store and a photo of the outhouse where President Lyndon Baines Johnson went potty as a little boy:

Okay, bear with me (slight pun intended) for one more spring break vacation photo. My brother in another state occasionally hangs out with a daschund (don't ask), so I snapped a picture of this amusing welcome mat in his honor:

I wonder if my older daughter has a future in advertising. After eating pizza one day, she drew this (but I'm a little worried about the drink which includes chocolate chips and pepperoni-flavored bits):

What part of the fish does the loin come from?

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  1. A silly pizza calls for a silly drink. Plus, she speaks French. oo-la-la!