March 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 65 (Dirty beds, feline vintner, lemon face and more)

--- 1 ---

Do you know what I do as soon as I walk into a hotel room? Yank off the bedspread and shove it aside. When I was a teenager I worked in hotel and recall that the housekeepers didn't wash the bedspreads regularly. Yuck! I've been creeped out by hotel bedspreads ever since. During our mini spring break vacation last week, the hotel beds also had large useless decorative pillows and crazy bed runners which also wound up in a heap on top of the bedspreads.


--- 2 ---

At the end of our trip last Friday afternoon, we visited a vineyard for a wine tasting and lunch. But for our baby, the best things about the winery were the cat and the grass.


--- 3 ---

Imagine a classroom full of hyper second graders all sitting on inflatable balls instead of desk chairs. My older daughter's teacher gave her students the option of bringing in balance balls. She said research shows that sitting on a ball helps kids focus. Sounds chaotic to me with kids falling all over the place. But we're letting our daughter try it since there seems to be a fitness benefit of having to try to balance all day long.

Sit on it!


--- 4 ---

When I saw that my daughter was a couple of chapters into Charlotte's Web, I was a little worried about how sad she'll be when she gets to the end. So I said, "This book may be kind of sad." She replied, "Daddy, I already know the spider dies. I peeked ahead."


--- 5 ---

It's fun to watch our 17-month-old try new foods. She puts so much thought into whether she likes the taste. For some reason we let her lick the inside of a lemon. And guess what-- she liked it!


--- 6 ---

Every year during lent I try to give up the same thing: time. Spending more time in prayer means less time for everything else. And that's usually a good thing. This year I'm also making a point to read the daily Mass readings. It's helpful to have a priest in my pocket, as I wrote about last year.


--- 7 ---

Are people even more careful around wood chippers if the machines have scary names? The other day on the highway I was behind the "Intimidator." Intimidated, I was.

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