April 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 67 (Sinful words with friends, waspinator, carrot on the brain and more)

--- 1 ---

I always cringe when I hear someone's cell phone ring at church. And after what happened at Mass last Sunday I need to make an amendment to my classifications of people whose phones ring during a religious service. From the row directly behind me I heard the distinctive sound that a mobile device makes when you play a word in Words with Friends. If you're going to play a video game during Mass (for shame!) please at least remember to turn your sound off.


--- 2 ---

I have a warning for all wasps: don't mess with me in my backyard. You see, I have a thing about wasps. And now that we've expanded our back patio and are finally experiencing some warmer weather, we've spotted a few wasps flying reconnaissance missions while we've been out back trying to have some family fun. So I'm keeping the wasp killer (with a spray range of 20 feet) close by, and I found an un-opened Waspinator in the garage that I bought and forgot about a few years ago. It's now hanging on our patio. This thing better work!


--- 3 ---

This is totally an introvert thing: I can't stand aggressive sample peddlers at grocery stores. They were especially loud during our (brave) family trip to the Costco last weekend. Some people love the idea of being able to eat and drink free samples all over the store. For me, I try to make extra wide turns with the shopping cart to avoid the sample tables. It just makes me uncomfortable to have someone calling out to me as I walk by trying to mind my own business.


--- 4 ---

If grocery stores are going to offer samples, at least use products that are somewhat interesting. The Costco had some poor guy offering samples of plain old Hellmann's mayonnaise. Who doesn't know what mayo tastes like?


--- 5 ---

I think children's brains are wired to crave junk food, even when they don't like it. While we walked through the bakery at the Costco, my seven-year-old daughter pointed at a fancy-looking carrot cake and excitedly said, Oooooh, carrot cake!" My wife said, "Oh, do you like carrot cake?" My daughter responded, "Not really."


--- 6 ---

I live in a part of Texas where cycling is especially popular. Around here you see people on bikes (legally) riding in the main lanes of city streets with vehicular traffic all the time. But I spotted something the other day that I rarely see: a happy-looking couple on a tandem bike. The brand of the bike was Co-Motion. Clever, huh?


--- 7 ---

It's good to teach your kids good dental habits while they're young. But not this young. This is what happens when your baby accidently gets a hold of the dental floss. Time to go the store and buy more.


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