April 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 69 (Insurance humor, arthritic Elmo, iPad licking and more)

I always appreciate a server with a sense of humor. After lunch at a restaurant with the wife and kids recently, I placed my credit card into the little bill portfolio, and right as the server walked up to take it, my almost-18-month-old daughter reached out and grabbed the credit card. I said, "My daughter's trying to take my credit card." The waiter replied, "Get used to it, sir."

Too bad the auditors at my insurance company don't have a sense of humor.  They sent a letter asking for verification that I actually do have children/dependents. Obviously the insurance company has never seen the inside of my house! 

Isn't it exciting when you see the UPS truck pull up out front? Yes, unless the UPS guy is teasing you. Look what happened at our house. 

At least he noticed he had the wrong address before actually delivering the package.

As I parent I find myself saying things I'm sure I would never need to say if I didn't have children. Here's an example from the other day: "Hey, don't lick the iPad!" I don't have any pets, but I suppose this something a dog owner might say too.

I decided that it's time to bring Elmo Live back to life, but it didn't go well. He's been a good sock holder on the top of my dresser for a few years (see Quick Take #7 over here), but now I thought my younger daughter might enjoy him. So I charged up his batteries (took about two hours) and turned him on. Unfortunately, Elmo seems to have developed arthritis and osteoporosis. My daughter was not amused and didn't want to go anywhere near him. 

And speaking of scary robotic toys that might get you in the middle of the night, check out this creepy Easter bunny we saw last weekend.

We're off to an all-day conference this weekend to celebrate Devine Mercy Sunday, courtesy of Fullness of Truth Ministries. If you're Catholic, don't forget about the opportunity for a plenary indulgence. Go for it.

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