May 6, 2014

Gnome sweet gnome

My daughter's second grade class is probably not the best test audience for my jokes. But sometimes I try anyway. She's been working on an assignment to create a three dimensional "home for a gnome."

So she developed a scene with a gnome in his natural habitat: the top of a small white box that my lunch came in at a recent conference. She drew a nice picture inside the box and added some trees, the sun and a "water crystal" at the top. I guess it's good to keep your gnome hydrated.

Check out the picture, and then I'll tell you how I got involved.


My daughter asked me for ideas on what she should name the gnome. I offered a few suggestions that perhaps would make the class laugh:

1) Gnome de Plume (A pseudonym for a literary gnome)

2) Gnomestradamus (A gnome who tells the fututre)

3) Gnome Chomsky (A linguistically gifted gnome)

4) Gnome Peterson (Every time he walks into a bar, people yell, "Gnome!")

Alas, my daughter respectfully declined my suggestions and named the gnome Gregory. But all it not lost; Gregory's nickname could be G-gnome.


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