April 29, 2014

JP II tears

With the canonization of Pope John Paul II (I need to start remembering to call him Saint John Paul II) last weekend, I'm reminded of a short but very touching conversation between a little boy and a priest after Mass soon after the pontiff's death.

I was a newly minted Catholic at the time, having received my sacraments at the Easter Vigil just a few days before Saint John Paul II died in 2005. A week or so after that, my wife and I were walking out of Mass, and I saw a little boy around five years old step up to our pastor who was greeting people out front.

The priest was a tall and intimidating looking guy (but very nice) and towered over the boy. The kid said, "Fr. Sam, did you cry when the pope died?" Without needing a moment to think, the priest responded, "Yes!"

[Photo courtesy: usccb.org]


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