May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 71 ("I do", paschal prestidigitation, holy body snatchers and more)

--- 1 ---

I almost left my wife at the altar, sort of. Wednesday was our tenth anniversary, so on a whim she asked one of the priests at our parish if he would renew our vows at daily Mass at 6 p.m. That was fine with me, except that I totally needed traffic (and God) to be on my side in order to get from work to the church by 6. I left a little earlier than usual and arrived at 5:46 p.m. And for the record, we both said I do.


--- 2 ---

On Saturday night my older daughter received her First Communion. She was so excited that as soon as it was over she was already looking forward to going to Mass again as soon as possible. She got her chance to receive again at the Mass where we renewed our vows. Pretty special.


--- 3 ---

Since some of my daughter's friends were planning on attending a party at our house after her First Communion, I joked that we should play kids games like pin the tail on the donkey. My wife and daughter came up with a more relevant version: pin the Host on the hands:

As an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion, I can relate to how it's not always easy to hit your target since not everyone holds their hands in exactly the right way. Once in a while I get a person who actually tries to grab the Host out of my fingers. I (silently) refer to them as the body snatchers!


--- 4 ---

What's more appropriate for a First Communion celebration than a cake that looks like the Bible? Check it out:

--- 5 ---

Priests say the darndest things. At daily Mass one day at a parish near my workplace, right after the prayers of the faithful, the priest said, "I am aware that the paschal candle is not lit. I'm not going to climb up there right now and light it. So just pretend it's lit." This was the same priest who had people rolling in the pews with laughter last year with a funny comment about a nun.


--- 6 ---

I am now reading Something Other Than God by Jennifer Fulwiler. I'm not just mentioning it here because I could win a couple of prizes for doing so. But I would not be opposed to winning a banana suit. I once dressed up as a pumpkin (very briefly), so it wouldn't be totally out of character. Oh, and did I mention that you can buy your own copy of SOTG on Amazon?

--- 7 ---

My 18-month old has taken to a life of crime. We went to the (locally) famous Monument Cafe last weekend and browsed in the adjacent market while waiting for our table. The little one picked up a couple of little bags of garden seeds and was shaking them like a toy. About 20 minutes later as we walked over the restaurant when our table was ready, I realized that she was still carrying the seeds. Uh oh. I walked back to the market with the seeds and confessed, much to the amusement of the clerk.

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