May 30, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 74 [Gor(e)y dream, marine bird, pickle splatter and more]

--- 1 ---

Alright, who can help me interpret this dream I had the other night? I was in my childhood home, and Al Gore drove up in a Jeep. He was there to give me a ride to some sort of formal event. But I was seriously delaying him because I was having trouble with my tie and collar. That's about all I remember.


--- 2 ---

If you go to school to study marine animal husbandry, one of the first things they probably teach you is how to identify a marine animal. If not, they should. My family went to the Austin Aquarium on Saturday and didn't have a good time. The place was really strange. I looked on the website and couldn't help but laugh at one of the staff bio photos:

Nothing personal against the guy, but I hope that as the director of marine husbandry, he's aware that a macaw is NOT A MARINE ANIMAL!


--- 3 ---

You know what really creeped me out at the aquarium? The "green" hand-washing stations with re-usable towels. I'm sorry, but after I wash my hands I refuse to dry them on the same wet towel that 100 other people have already used. The place had hand-washing stations because they encouraged visitors to stick their hands in the tanks and pet the fish. No thanks, we just looked instead.


--- 4 ---

The pickles were mysteriously missing from our Memorial Day meal. But if it was any consolation (it wasn't!), our garage smelled awfully pickley for the rest of the day. I heroically tried to carry in too many rain-soaked Target bags from the garage. And, of course, the only bag that had anything glass inside was the one that slipped out of my hands and left a crime scene-style mess of broken glass and pickle juice all over the floor.


--- 5 ---

I'm both Catholic and a baseball fan, and occasionally my brain gets these two important things mixed up. As I was very quickly skimming my Twitter timeline on my phone, I thought I read a tweet from Major League Baseball (MLB) that said, "Yoenis Cespedes listens attentively to the Word of God and truly prays, always asks The Lord: what is your will for me?"

I thought to myself, wow, I never knew that MLB was so religious. I did a double take and realized that my eyes blended two tweets together. My apologies to the pope.


--- 6 ---

Call me old fashioned, but miss the good old days when Major League Baseball teams had one uniform design for home games and one for road games. As I watched the internet feed of the Braves game on Memorial Day, I frowned when I saw the commemorative uniforms. Do baseball teams really care about those who died serving our country, or do they just want to sell more caps and jerseys to fans? A little of both, I suspect.


--- 7 ---

It's funny how a (reputable) business can sign you up for an email list in a moment's notice, but it takes forever to unsubscribe you. I realized recently that after filling a prescription, Walgreens started sending me junk sales email. So when I clicked on the unsubscribe link, the site said that it may take up to ten days for me to be removed from their list. I guess that's like how some utility companies can take days to activate your electric service after you sign up. But if you don't pay the bill, they can turn off your power in a matter of seconds.

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