May 24, 2014

The Bug of Damocles

Nobody has ever accused The Three Stooges of being an educational program, unless you're studying the art of slapstick comedy. But as I saw a bug in my office the other day I remembered something I learned from the Stooges when I was a kid. (Stay with me. This'll make sense in a moment.)

I was minding my own business being a good employee when something caught my attention. There was a bug running around inside the fluorescent light casing in the ceiling.

Maybe that would be no big deal to you. But to me this was a big problem. How was I supposed to concentrate on my work knowing that this bug was up there? If I looked away for a little while would the bug sneak out and get me? And where were all the bug's friends and relatives? Everyone knows that if you see one bug, there are a few zillion more hiding in the walls.

As I spent all day with one eye on my work and one eye on the bug, I felt like the sword of Damocles was hanging over my head. Do you know how I first learned about the sword of Damocles? From The Three Stooges, of course. Take it away, Moe:



The Sword of Damocles [Courtesy: Wikipedia]


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