June 13, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 76 (Sacred sweat, squeaky sole, happy grass and more)

--- 1 ---

I would never be able to cut it as a priest. It's not just because I'm married and unworthy. My problem is I'd sweat my tail off and probably burst into flames from heat exhaustion if I had to wear heavy vestments in a warm, crowded church in the (almost) summer. I thought of this recently when I saw a priest do something a little different at the point in Mass where he washed he hands. After drying his hands on the towel he then used it to wipe the sweat off his brow. As a courtesy to the altar server, the priest folded the towel over to the non-sweaty side before handing it back.


--- 2 ---

Spilling the consecrated wine in Mass would be no laughing matter. (That scares me every time I serve as an extraordinary minister of holy communion.) But it was amusing to see this for sale in a Catholic gift store the other day:


I suppose this would be helpful for a sacristan who may have a spill of regular wine while preparing for Mass. I didn't realize there was a special product just for red wine stains.

--- 3 ---

I don't know much about grass, but for some reason our lawn is greener than it has ever been:


Seems like we've been in a drought for as long as I've lived in Texas. I'm only allowed to run the sprinklers once a week. Yes, we've had a little bit of rain this year, but I'm still not sure why it's so much greener than it used to be. Maybe the lawn has just finally matured after so many years.


--- 4 ---

The grass isn't the only happy thing in our yard. Every year I marvel at the health and growth of this lucky tree:

Several years ago, this newly planted little tree was clinging to life and couldn't even stand up by itself. At that time an arborist told us we should dig it up and yank it out since it wouldn't likely survive. Well, a few years later it's about 15 feet tall and exceptionally strong. I'm glad we chose life!


--- 5 ---

Sometimes it's nice to have a break from our neighborhood association pool and just hang out in the backyard. We bought a tiny plastic pool for the kids to play in, and they love it. The big thrill last weekend was trying to catch bubbles while in the pool:

--- 6 ---

Happy Friday the 13th. I'm not at all superstitious about stuff like that. But once when I was a kid I had a really bad headache and threw up on Friday the 13th. So I was a little on edge the next few years whenever that date came up again.


--- 7 ---

I'm worried that cats are going to start following me. I just discovered this week that I have a squeaky shoe. I used to have a cat until I married someone who's allergic, and she (the cat, not the wife) would have loved hearing my shoe:


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