June 20, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 77 (Lube lunch, Costco comment, lick of death and more)

--- 1 ---

When my car needs an oil change, I take it to one of those quick lube places. The important word here is "quick." So I was really surprised at the the reaction I received when I asked for an oil change at 1 p.m. on Saturday. The employee paused and said, "Well, it may be a long wait because we just got our lunch. Do you want to bring it back on Monday?" I asked him how long the wait would be. He looked at the clock on the wall and said, "We just got our lunch so probably a half hour or 45 minutes before we'd get to it." I should have said bon appetite on my way out.

--- 2 ---

The next quick lube place just down the street got me in and out quickly but not without a bizarre conversation first. The worker who took my keys said I could wait inside the waiting room or sit on one of the three chairs that were out front. But then he warned me that the outdoor chairs are black and get hot in the sun, explaining in excessive detail how one day a woman wearing a short skirt sat on one of those chairs and yelled at him because she burned her legs. I waited inside.


--- 3 ---

As an introvert, whenever I have to contact a business I always prefer email instead of the phone. But sometimes a phone call is unavoidable. When I called an insurance company this week, I had to wait on hold for about 10 minutes for, "the next available agent." Every few seconds, a recorded voice said, "Your call is very important to us. Please stay on the line." I think if my call were that important, it would have been answered already.


--- 4 ---

It's amazing how much mess one little toddler can make. This is what it looked like under her car seat in the family minivan after we took the seat out for the first time in many months. And I snapped the photo after removing a few of the larger pieces of food.


--- 5 ---

I hand write checks so rarely that when I had to write one the other day I had to stop and think about what year to put on the date line.


--- 6 ---

An innocent comment from a child doesn't always sound so innocent. When my wife and kids were walking into Costco, our seven-year-old looked at the people near them in the parking lot and exclaimed, "Look, a bunch of black people!" Yes, it was an African-American family. But what she meant was that they were all wearing black t-shirts, and she likes when families match their clothes. My mortified wife replied, "Yes, and you and your sister are wearing matching clothes too."


--- 7 ---

A neighbor's kid knocked on our door because she needed help finding her little dog that escaped. In case I was afraid of getting attacked, she said, "Don't worry. She won't bite. She'll just lick you to death!"

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