June 27, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 78 (What really bugs me)


--- 1 ---

[For my Quick Takes this week I'm sharing with you seven little things that really bug me.]

Crowded gas stations. If I drive up to a gas station and see that most or all of the pumps are in use, I'll keep going and fill up somewhere else. I don't like the idea of circling around the gas station and trying to find an available pump or waiting for someone else to finish. If I wanted to wait in line for gas I would have filled up in the 70s.

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--- 2 ---

4-way stops. I just don't like them. There's too much uncertainty when multiple cars reach the stop signs at the same time regardless of what the rules of driving say. Some people speed up to get to the stop sign first. Sometimes I'll slow down and let the other car arrive first just to get it out of my life; then I can be on my way peacefully. I'd take a traffic light over a 4-way stop any day.

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--- 3 ---

Excessive windshield wiper use. When the rain lightens up, I don't like having the windshield wipers on any faster than necessary. It's especially troublesome when I'm the passenger in the car and I have no control over the wipers. Sometimes the rain will stop completely, but the driver will leave the wipers on. Eventually I'll say, "Hey look. The rain stopped. Your wipers will appreciate a rest."

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--- 4 ---

Overly helpful store clerks. If I am browsing in a store, it's perfectly acceptable if a worker comes up and asks me if I need any help. But once I've politely said "No, thank you," then that should be it. I can't stand having more than one salesperson come up and offer to help me, or the same person ask me over and over. I'm an introvert, so please leave me alone. Don't even get me started on what happened to me once at Men's Wearhouse.

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--- 5 ---

Door-to-door solicitors. I have a personal policy that I will never purchase anything from anyone who comes to my door to try to sell me something or leaves an advertisement on my door. I also won't vote for any political candidate who shows up at my door, nor will I join the religion of anyone who stops by trying to convert me. (I'm perfectly happy with my current religion, thank you). It's bad enough that some of these people are violating the local solicitation ordinance. But it's also an introvert thing. I'm just not comfortable with unexpected guests.

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--- 6 ---

Businesses without email. If I need to interact with a business, I want to have an electronic way of doing so. There are some businesses that don't let you contact them by email. They use "old fashioned customer service" as a selling point and boast that when you call, a human will answer. No, thanks. To me that's a deterrent. I'd rather interact with a phone robot or send an email.

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--- 7 ---

Empty glasses in a restaurant. If you're drinking water, iced tea, coffee or anything else that comes with free refills then your glass should never be empty. When you have an unattentive server who's not good about refills it takes away from the overall dining experience. And usually what happens is I'm desperate for a refill right after I've eaten something especially spicy and there's sweat rolling down my face or steam coming out of my ears.

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