June 28, 2014

Where the angry pet owners go

A quick trip to the Petco store (just for fun; we have no pets) turned into an unplanned and profane learning experience for my seven-year-old daughter today.

As she and I were approaching the automatic doors to leave the store, we saw a man and woman standing near the back of an SUV right outside having some sort of disagreement. At first I thought, sadly, that it might have been some sort of husband/wife argument because it looked like she grabbed a very large bag of pet food out of his hands and dropped it on the ground, spilling food on the sidewalk.

As we got out the door I realized that the man was an employee who was trying to help load the woman's purchases into the back of her vehicle. She yelled (right in front of us), "It spilled all over my car, and you don't even give a [expletive]"!

[Courtesy: cbsnews.com]

I quickly put my hand on my daughter's shoulder and picked up our pace so we wouldn't have to hear anything else. Although we did hear the employee say, "Ma'am, I said I would be happy to go get the vacuum and clean it up."

When we got into our car, I knew it was time for some quick parenting. Our family maintains a profanity free household and lifestyle, so this wasn't the type of language that our kids ever hear from my wife and me. And we never watch any TV or movies that aren't family friendly.

So I said to my daughter, "Did you hear that lady use a bad word? I'm sorry you had to hear that." Then I told her we should say a prayer for the woman since she must be having a really bad day, and a prayer for the employee too.

My wife wasn't with us at the time, but when we told her what happened, minus the naughty word, she wisely told my daughter that we don't know what really occured. Perhaps it was just an accident that the bag broke when he put it in the car, and it was an honest mistake. Or it's possible that he was being careless and threw the bag in too hard.

We told her that either way, it really isn't nice to yell at people and use words like that, even if you are mad that someone made a mess in your car. My daughter agreed, and we all went on with our day.

I wish I could keep both of my daughters in the Cone of Silence from Get Smart to protect them from hearing everything that's bad out there!

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