July 4, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 79 (Laughable label, bobbleheadless, salty humor and more)

Here's a good one for the funny warning label file. Usually warning labels are written (or at least approved) by lawyers. But the label on this children's swimming pool ball clearly was written by an overprotective parent.

I didn't get caught up in the World Cup excitement this year, except for one thing I saw in a sporting goods store. I don't know anything about fashion, but this is one ugly shoe.

There's something missing from many pet stores: pets. As a parent who has used pet stores as makeshift zoos to entertain his kids on many occasions, I've noticed that major pet stores are carrying fewer and fewer animals. At the Petco last weekend, all we saw were a few fish, birds, rodents and an angry, profane customer.

[One of the few pets in the Petco]

Babies and Bobbleheads don't mix. I'm not a collector, but a have a few Bobbleheads around the house. The other day, my 20-month-old daughter accidentally beheaded Nolan Ryan.

[Sorry, Nolan]

When my older daughter was little, she decapitated Jim Deshaies.

[Sorry, JD]

And it's not just the kids. A couple of years ago I accidentally executed Chipper Jones.

[Sorry, Chipper]

Who knew that blessed salt could save time before meals? My (almost) eight-year-old daughter was admiring a bag of salt that had been blessed by a priest and said, "If we cook our food with blessed salt then we won't have a pray before meals."

Usually making a major purchase gives a buyer some angst. But I felt quite peaceful as I initiated the tuition payment for my daughter's new Catholic school. It'll be worth every penny.

Have a safe and happy 4th of July.
Please join me in praying that people's illegal fireworks won't set off a brush fire in my neighborhood or yours.

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