July 11, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 80 (Deadly door, holy dunking, restroom bliss and more)

--- 1 ---

I don't know anything about torsion springs, but apparently if you go anywhere near one you face sudden, immediate and painful death. The torsion spring broke on our garage door the other night. This was far beyond my level of do-it-yourselfness, so we hired someone to replace the spring. According to the internet, replacing a torsion spring is extremely hazardous, so much so that one instruction manual had to divide the peril into three categories:

[Courtesy: overheaddoor.com]


--- 2 ---

My family had a quiet and peaceful 4th of July. In fact, no fireworks. We visited relatives about three hours away, and since there were thunderstorms on and off all evening, and our kids were tuckered out from playing with their cousin, we didn't venture out. And that was okay with me. As an introvert I'm perfectly content to not have to fight the crowds before, during and after a big fireworks show.


--- 3 ---

During that trip we took our 20-month old to get her first haircut. We didn't have this same experience with our older daughter, because back when she was that age she was undergoing chemotherapy and had lost her hair. So her first haircut didn't happen until a couple of years later.

[Second daughter's first haircut]


--- 4 ---

I had always thought that intinction was not an acceptable way to administer Holy Communion in the Catholic Church. I figured there was a no dunking rule. But that's exactly how it was done when we went to Mass out of town on Sunday. Later I checked with the authorities (U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops), and intinction is acceptable as long as specific rules are followed, such as not allowing the communicant to actually do the intinction. Only the priest, deacon or extraordinary minister of Holy Communion can dip the host into the cup and then place it onto the tongue of the recipient.


--- 5 ---

People all over Texas (and beyond?) talk about how exciting it is to stop at Buc-ee's gas stations/convenience stores when they travel. I went to one for the first time near Houston last weekend. If you love the idea of shopping while getting gas during a road trip (I don't) then I can see why you'd enjoy this place. It was almost as large as a big-box retail store. But what really impressed me was the men's room. I'd never seen such a large and reasonably clean public restroom before. And having hand sanitizer dispensers next to every urinal and toilet was an added bonus.


--- 6 ---

Quick question: If you could be a magical creature, what would you be? Sounds like a ridiculous question to me, but interviewers are actually posing this question to job applicants, or at least one of them. My wife was in a mall food court and heard this question as she passed by a table where someone was conducting a job interview. My answer would be a rabbit so a magician could pull me out of his hat. Do I get the job?


--- 7 ---

I have to give credit to the Fitbit people for standing behind their products. My trusty Fitbit Flex which I bought back in August suddenly started dying, so Fitbit sent me a free replacement. Keeping track of steps has become somewhat addictive. Pardon me while I go pace around the living room to make sure I hit my goals for the day.

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