July 18, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 81 (Funny Fulton, dreadful derby, Lego crotch and more)

--- 1 ---

Don't you just love a priest with a great sense of humor? At Mass on Sunday, the priest recalled a brilliantly clever comment made by the late Archbishop Fulton Sheen who won two Emmy awards for his TV show in the 1950s. At his acceptance speech, Sheen said he wanted to pay tribute to his writers: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

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--- 2 ---

Where was Catholic baseball camp when I was a kid? Actually, it wouldn't have mattered since I was neither Catholic nor athletic when I was growing up. But the other day on Relevant Radio I heard a great interview about former Major League Baseball (MLB) player Mike Sweeney's Catholic Baseball Camp. On the website it says that Sweeney, "wanted to create an authentically Catholic three-day baseball camp/retreat where kids will see their baseball skills improve and their faith come alive."


--- 3 ---

This year's MLB All Star Game brought back painful memories of 2010 for me. The game itself wasn't painful that year, but my health certainly was. It just happened to be the time when I suffered an especially bad case of adult chicken pox. If you'd like to help me relive the moment, check out last year's entry.


--- 4 ---

It's been years since I last watched the Homerun Derby the night before the All Star Game, and I wasn't interested in it again this year. It just seems like such a fake made-for-TV event the way ESPN drags it out for three hours. I'd be happy to watch a real baseball game for three hours. But unless they trim the Homerun Derby to about an hour, I'm not in the mood to watch.


--- 5 ---

It's no surprise that the founder and CEO of the Jersey Mike's restaurant company is from New Jersey. But as I was sipping my drink, I was surprised to read on the cup that his name is Peter, not Mike. I guess "Jersey Peter's" wouldn't sound as cool.


--- 6 ---

I've heard people use the expression "throw meat on the barbie" when referring to barbecuing. But my 20-month old had a new idea: throwing Barbie into the (toy) oven:


--- 7 ---

Pardon me for concluding my Quick Takes with some low-brow humor. We attended a kids' birthday party where they played a game of pin the head on the Lego guy (a variation of pin the tail on the donkey). Perhaps I was the only one there who was amused that one kid unknowingly gave the robot a loincloth:

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