July 25, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 82 (Skinny toe, holy texting, super sunscreen and more)

--- 1 ---

"Who's got my skinny toe?" I'm reliving my childhood now that I've discovered that someone has posted to YouTube clips from the Scary Spooky Stories record that I had as a kid in the 70s. And now my (almost) eight-year-old daughter likes the strange and not really very scary stories too. What does this have to do with a skinny toe? Listen for yourself:

--- 2 ---

Do you want to know how out of touch I am with pop culture? When Weird Al Yankovic released his new music videos recently, the only tune I recognized was the parody of a Crosby, Stills & Nash song.


--- 3 ---

It's amusing to think that adults have actually been frantically searching for Coke bottles with their names on them. I suppose you can market pretty much any product, call it "limited edition" and then sit back and watch people go crazy to find it. If you find a Coke with "Adam" on it, I'm not interested. Go ahead and drink it then toss the bottle into the recycle bin.


--- 4 ---

I have to admit that I once was very excited about a Coke contest. At some point in the late 70s or early 80s there was a contest where Coke put a single letter inside the cap, and you'd win a t-shirt or something if you had the right caps to spell Coca-Cola. I remember that the letter L was hard to find. My brother and I had many, many caps. But usually all we could spell was "Coca-Co_a."


--- 5 ---

Wasn't there also a beer company contest with talking cans about 20 years ago? Maybe it was Coors Light. The idea was that if you had a winning can, it would say "You win!" when you opened it. I never won that one either.


--- 6 ---

It's nice to see people incorporate technology into their faith. On Relevant Radio I heard about this story in The Boston Globe about a shrine that has a text hotline for prayer requests.

The texting brother [Courtesy: The Boston Globe]


--- 7 ---

I'm a big proponent of using sunscreen. Watch out; the sun will kill you! I appreciated this sketch tweeted by children's author Sandra Boynton:

It reminds me of something a comedian said back when the craze of having higher SPF ratings on sunscreen began. I don't remember who said it, but it was funny: "If you need SPF 100 then you have no business even being in the sun!"

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