August 22, 2014

7 Quick Takes Friday - Vol. 86 (Birthday bungles, warning labels, orange slippers and more)

--- 1 ---

It's insincere enough when businesses send generic happy birthday emails to customers. But sending the exact same message year after year is really bad form. Just like last year, this year I received happy birthday emails from my dentist and my bank. At least my dentist's office changed up the language:


My bank, on the other hand, sent the exact same verbiage as last year's birthday email:


--- 2 ---

Pathetic as it may sound, as an introvert I removed my birthday from Facebook a couple of years ago because it was too overwhelming to get so many happy birthday messages all on the same day. Are you supposed to reply to each message individually and say thanks? Or is "liking" each message sufficient? I don't have to worry about that anymore. My birthday came and went quietly on Facebook again this year, just the way I like it.


--- 3 ---

Something really rare happened when I opened up our mailbox the other day. It was empty. It's unusual not to have a single piece of junk mail. The letter carrier (Is that what they are called? Do people write letters anymore?) must have had an easier day if there was no junk mail for anyone in the neighborhood.


--- 4 ---

Here's one for the silly warning label file. This was in the instruction manual for one of my older daughter's toys:

So if you aren't supposed to use an extension cord for electrical items, then what exactly is the purpose of an extension cord?


--- 5 ---

I love it when my Catholic life and my baseball fan life collide. It was Catholic night at the local minor league baseball game the other day. More importantly, it was my toddler's first time at a baseball game.


--- 6 ---

When my toddler was especially cranky the other day, we handed her some Veggie Sticks to snack on to see if that would cheer her up. She threw them on the ground in protest. But then she immediately bent down and picked them up. She probably thought, "Hey, wait a minute. I may be mad, but I still want to eat those!"


--- 7 ---

One more funny moment, courtesy of my toddler. It was a little frightening when I stuck my feet into a pair of bedroom slippers and felt something wet and squishy inside. Don't worry, it's not what you think. All she did was stuff little mandarin oranges into my slippers.

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