August 29, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 87 (Sugarless WHAT?, crazy cursive, creepy canine and more)

--- 1 ---

Boy did I jump to the wrong conclusion when pulled some junk mail out the mailbox the other day. It was a folded up brochure wrapped in clear plastic, and it was obvious that there was some sort of sample product inside. The brochure was pink, and these words immediately caught my eye:

It also said, "Look inside for free samples." A pink label and "Carefree" could only mean one thing: Carefree sugarless gum, right?



Wrong! It was a sample of "feminine products." Oops. Maybe the gum people and the feminine products people should sue each other for trademark infringement.


--- 2 ---

Every time I go to the dentist, I always wonder if the staff adds talking points to patients' files so they can bring up topics while making conversation, making it sound like they really remember things about people they only see every six months. While I was in the chair on Tuesday morning, the dentist "remembered" that we both have toddlers the same age.


--- 3 ---

Guess who's back on the air? Well, it's not actually the air; it's a podcast. I've been a frequent listener of Relevant Radio during my morning commute for the past few years. And former Morning Air host Sean Herriott just launched a podcast called Catholic as a Second Language. Check it out over here.


--- 4 ---

My older daughter's third grade class is going to learn cursive this year. I know some schools don't even teach it anymore. I learned it in the second grade, and I remember taking issue with the teacher because I didn't like the cursive capital Q. Who decided that it should look like the number 2? When I look at this picture, all I see is a 2, with an extra long tail.



--- 5 ---

She's also going to learn typing in the third grade. That's a lost art too. I mean, everyone types on computers, but how many people are actually doing it by the book? For fun I took a typing test on the web the other day and scored 54 words per minute. I was disappointed and thought I should've hit 60.


--- 6 ---

As a hard core introvert, I should win an award for surviving three kid parties in the span of two days. We had to go to one on Friday night and then two on Saturday. Our kids had a good time, and I made adequate small talk and made it through the weekend.


--- 7 ---

My toddler had plenty of toys to play with at one of the parties, but I was a little frightened by a small toy dog that she picked up. I saw that it had an on/off switch, so I turned it on figuring it would bark or maybe wag its tail. But instead, its eyes lit up in an eerie green color. My daughter liked it, but I wondered if it was one of those toys that tries to get you in the middle of the night.

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