September 19, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 90 (Cross talk, bulb buying, calculator confusion and more)

--- 1 ---

You see many people wearing a crucifix around their neck, but you never see anybody with a little guillotine or electric chair on a necklace. The priest used that as an example at Mass on Sunday when talking about how sometimes he forgets just how striking the cross is. Just like the guillotine and the electric chair, the cross was a tool used for death. But unlike those others, the cross also represents life. We get used to seeing the cross all the time. But it's still important to notice it.


--- 2 ---

I wonder how long compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs really last. We have several recessed CFL lights in our kitchen, and two of them burned out at the same time this week. I'm pretty sure they may have been the last two of the original set of bulbs we put in when we moved here about seven years ago. I'm tempted to write the date on the new bulbs with a Sharpie so I can see how long they last.


--- 3 ---

Something else I've always wondered: Do zinc lozenges really shorten the duration and severity of the common cold? I've always thought they tasted terrible. You're supposed to let them dissolve in your mouth, but that takes forever and isn't worth putting up with the horrible taste. The other day when I wasn't feeling well I tried the newer "quick dissolve" zinc tablets. They taste a lot better and melt quickly. But can they stop a cold? The jury's still out.


--- 4 ---

Here's a sign you don't see everyday:

It was in a toy store. Is there a vibrant toy making industry in Latvia?


--- 5 ---

The funniest things can fool a toddler. Most people don't need calculators anymore since every other electronic device has its own calculator. So when my little one saw this calculator, she thought it was a cell phone and held it up to her ear pretending to talk. She was fascinated when she discovered that little numbers showed up on the screen when she pressed buttons.


--- 6 ---

She was also fooled by cream cheese. When she was eating part of a bagel with cream cheese on it, she insisted she was eating peanut butter. I said, "No, that's cream cheese." She replied, "No, peanut butter!" Okay. I let her win that one.


--- 7 ---

I'm not an admirer of bugs, but this one was worth photographing. My kids found it on the slide at the playground. Maybe that pattern would make a nice necktie.


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