September 26, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 91 (Podcast promo, Turner time, bad bag and more)

--- 1 ---

I enjoyed visiting with Sean Herriott on the Faith as a Second Language podcast yesterday. Check it out right here. And if you missed my wife's interview on the podcast from earlier in the month, you'll find that one over here. She was a tough act to follow!

--- 2 ---

In case you want to delve even more deeply into my life (but as an introvert that's not really want I want), starting next Wednesday I'll be contributing a couple of posts per month over at Austin Catholic New Media.


--- 3 ---

I'm not afraid of shots, so I happily received my flu shot the other day. Getting a flu shot is something I never used to do until I became a parent eight years ago. Before then I had always thought flu shots were just for the elderly or people with chronic illnesses. Nowadays getting a flu shot seems to be the cool thing for everyone to do.


--- 4 ---

I had an 80s flashback when I received an Outlook invitation for a meeting that was supposed to start at 2:05 p.m. It reminded me of Turner Time when Ted Turner decided to have all programming start at five minutes past the top or bottom of the hour on Superstation TBS. I watched many Atlanta Braves broadcasts that started at 7:35 Eastern Time during the 80s.

--- 5 ---

When I was buying new tires for my car last weekend, someone came into the shop to get some work done on his daughter's minivan. The guy said to the mechanic, "Watch out. It's a pig sty inside the van. My daughter is a slob." The mechanic chuckled. But I thought, wow, I would never talk about my daughters that way.

--- 6 ---

Here's a quick conversation I had recently with my eight-year-old:

Adam: Don't eat your hair!

Daughter: I thought it was cheese.

--- 7 ---

This is the last thing I would have expected to see printed on the bottom of the goodie bags that were given away at a children's birthday party:

How are you supposed to keep a bag full of goodies out of a child's reach?

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