September 29, 2014

Twister at the 7-Eleven

Very rarely do I remember dreams. So when I do recall one, it's usually a real doozy. Case in point from last night:

In my dream I was at work; but it wasn't my current workplace, and I didn't recognize any of my coworkers. I was in a tall building in a corner office, and suddenly I saw through the window that there was a very skinny tornado approaching. I braced myself, and I could hear the tornado banging against the corner of the building. There was some structural damage to the corner wall, but that was all.

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Now suddenly, the scene changed as best I can remember. I was outside walking through a city that didn't look like any particular city that I know. There were several tornadoes spinning in the distance and slowly getting closer. This was some sort of rare and catastrophic weather event. People around me were running for cover, and I wasn't about to stick around either.

I couldn't get into the first building that I tried. Next door to it was a 7-Eleven convenience store, so I ran inside and ducked down as low as possible against a display wall. I recall seeing two people standing right up against the window looking at a big tornado approaching, but they were not taking it seriously and were even mocking it. I figured those two would be seriously injured, or worse, if they didn't move.

I don't know what happened to them. But the tornado hit the building, and debris was suddenly scattered all over the store. The tornado moved on, and I wasn't hurt. So I got up, walked over to the manager of the 7-Eleven and shook his hand to thank him for letting me take shelter in his store. I guess he was some sort of germaphobe because when I tried to shake his hand, all he did was reluctantly grasp the tips of my fingers. Maybe he was disappointed that I didn't buy anything.

That's all I remember. There wasn't an exciting conclusion to the dream. If there are any armchair dream interpreters out there, have fun with this one.


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