October 3, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 92 (Fried dessert, pizza stains, bank tie and more)

--- 1 ---

Brace yourself (and your cholesterol levels) for this first take. At our parish's fall festival last weekend, one of the food booths was selling fried Oreos. For fear of getting scalded by hot, spattering oil, I took this picture from a safe distance.

So I wonder who it was who stared at an Oreo one day and decided that it would be much more appealing by deep frying it. I've heard of restaurants offering fried bacon and, gasp, fried butter. So why not a cookie too? Apparently, fried Oreos are not a new invention on the culinary circuit. According to the internet, you can add some class to them by sprinking them with powdered sugar.

Image credit: abcnews.com

For the record, I did not eat one.


--- 2 ---

Speaking of artery clogging foods, check this out. I'm not usually the type of person who posts a picture of every meal on social media. (That would be my brother.) But I couldn't help snapping a picture of what was left of a Costco pizza that my family of four, two of whom are little kids, tackled for dinner the other night. Notice the authentic grease stains inside the box.


--- 3 ---

On a slightly healthier note, my 23-month-old daughter says her favorite restaurant is "Chicoway." (Translation: Chick-fil-a)


--- 4 ---

When I wore a new necktie recently, I kept staring at the design because it looked familiar. Suddenly I figured it out. I think the tie designer stole the logo from Chase Bank. When Chase's lawyers find out about this, they will probably sue the pants (or ties) off the tie maker.

Image credit: chase.com (Please don't sue me!)


--- 5 ---

Sometimes I have to get creative to convince my kids to take their medicine. I drew Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales and replaced his nose with a Zyrtec allergy pill. No, I'm not a professional artist.


--- 6 ---

It's a bit of a sad time to be an Atlanta Braves fan and watch all the other teams that made it into the playoffs. It's going to be a long off season. I've always wanted to send Christmas cards that say, "Off seasons greetings."


--- 7 ---

I'll be contributing every couple of weeks to the Austin Catholic New Media blog. My first post ran on Wednesday.

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