October 10, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 93 (Unsalted saltines?, fashion faux pas, hamster ball and more)


--- 1 ---

I committed a major #ShoppingFail(ure) the other night. Our toddler was having trouble keeping things down, so I was tasked with going to the store to buy some saltine crackers. Easy task, I thought. But a few hours later I discovered my mistake. I accidentally bought saltines with "unsalted tops."

Who wants to eat unsalted saltines? Isn't salt pretty much the only flavor in a saltine? Anyway, as a consolation I had a good laugh about the "serving suggestion" on the box. Is serving saltines on a napkin the fanciest thing the cracker maker could think of?

--- 2 ---

I can always count on my children to keep an eye out for any wardrobe mistakes. As we headed out the door for a family walk, my eight-year-old daughter said, "Daddy, I hope it's windy outside so people won't see how wrinkly your shirt is."

--- 3 ---

As an introvert, I make a point NOT to list my birthday on Facebook to save me from having to respond to a zillion happy birthday messages. But that doesn't stop Facebook from telling me whenever other people have a birthday. No offense to anyone who has a birthday, but I don't need Facebook to remind me to death about it.

--- 4 ---

While National Night Out (observed in October in Texas due to excessive heat when everyone else celebrates it in August) is a good idea and fun for the kids, it's not terribly appealing to introverts. This year I had a legitimate excuse to skip the neighborhood party because I had a ministry meeting at the same time. But the wife and kids attended the gathering in the hood and had a good time.

--- 5 ---

It's always amusing to check the blog stats and see what search terms people used to find my site. Someone landed on my page after searching for "extroverts be all up in my hamster ball."

--- 6 ---

Long gone are the days when an educational children's show recommends finding out more about the topic of the show by visiting the library, or so I thought. But in the episodes of Curious George that my toddler has been watching, the voice of The Man with the Yellow Hat suggests during the closing credits that you can read more about George at the library. That's old school, man.

--- 7 ---

As I'm finishing up writing this on Thursday, the stomach virus that hit my toddler seems to be sweeping through our household. It's not as bad as the Great Valentine's Day Stomach Virus of 2010, thankfully. But at this point three people are down, and I'm the last one standing. Let the record show that I refuse to succumb to this illness.

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  1. I laughed the whole way through this. I also don't list my birthday on FB and feel guilty when all those reminders pop up and I *ignore* every one. It feels like the birthday happenings in Kindergarten "Look at me! I'm the birthday boy! SAY SOMETHING" I, too am an introvert, much as people think otherwise. What can I say? You learn to play the game to fit in with the extroverts - then come home exhausted and in need of solitude.

    My husband got unsalted butter. I think that's worse than your crackers but could probably be considered classier than that napkin :)

    1. Thanks, Cristina. To make matters worse, a couple of days later I accidentally bought sugar free Jello for our sick kids. Argh.

  2. #3 I don't do birthdays either on Facebook.

    It makes me feel young.

    Or maybe I know I'm not that popular, and I fear no one will say happy birthday.

    1. When I used to have my birthday listed, I never knew how to properly acknowledge people who posted a happy birthday comment. Do you have to reply or like each one individually, or just post a general "thanks for all the birthday wishes" comment at the end of the day? It's easier just to not list it.

  3. Just found your blog and I'm loving it