October 31, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 96 (Tabernacle texting, maddening math, eerie dentist and more)

--- 1 ---

Here's what happens sometimes when faithful Catholic spouses text each other:

Yes, my wife really did text me from the tabernacle. But in her defense, her phone was already in her hand since she was reading prayers from the great Laudate app. And she was responding to a faith-related text. While I'm on the subject of faith, check out my latest post for Austin Catholic New Media.


--- 2 ---

My little one turned two recently. Here's a sample of the noisiest birthday card she received:


--- 3 ---

Sometimes when I'm packing my lunch to take to work I have to borrow components from my kids. This one is a popular choice because it's so easy to match the container with its cover. I wish it were this simple to find the correct lid for all our other plastic containers.


--- 4 ---

I spotted this dishwashing toy in the store the other day. Kids love playing kitchen when they are little, but it doesn't usually take very long before they are no longer desirous of washing the dishes. Too bad.


--- 5 ---

It's no secret that I'm not a math expert. I still use my fingers for simple addition and subtraction. But still, I would've expected to be able to help my older daughter with her third grade math homework. But they teach math so differently compared to when I was a kid. What in the world are "compatible numbers?" And who invented this "regrouping" business? Call me old fashioned, but I still prefer borrowing and carrying the "1."


--- 6 ---

One thing that hasn't changed when it comes to math is the way teachers want students to show their work. When I was a struggling math student, I always joked that it was nobody's business how I got the answer; the teacher should have just been happy that I answered the question at all.


--- 7 ---

Does anyone really want to go to the dentist more than twice a year? I thought it was silly when I received an email from my dentist's office inviting patients to a Halloween costume contest on the 31st. Thanks, but I don't make social visits to the dentist. I'll drop in the next time I'm due for a cleaning.


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  1. She was texting in front of Jesus! That's priceless! I love it!