November 14, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 98 (Restaurant ramblings, wall art, priestly humor and more)

--- 1 ---

I have this strange introverted discomfort with using restaurant drive-throughs. I don't like to have to sit there and read a menu and make important food decisions while someone on a little speaker is rushing me, and/or there's a line of people behind me. But the other day on a whim I decided to take the kids to pick up food at Taco Bell. I haven't been there in years, so I glanced online first and discovered that I was able to place the order and pay for it through an app. And then all I had to do was click a button on the app when I was close to the store, and our food was ready when we pulled up to the window. They should market this app to introverts for sure.


--- 2 ---

My second big restaurant story for the week was the discovery of a typo on the little red pepper and parmesan cheese packets from an Italian place. Is the office really located inside a "suit"? We all make mistakes, but just like I said last week, it's especially important to proofread before you advertise your business.

--- 3 ---

My third big restaurant story (It was a rare week of eating out.) involves a scary piece of wall art hanging near our table at a Tex-Mex restaurant. How'd you like to have this guy staring at you while you're trying to eat?


--- 4 ---

My two year old is an aspiring artist. That's great, but the problem is that she's been practicing on the walls:


--- 5 ---

Nobody in our household is particularly fond of bugs, but when I spot something especially weird looking at the playground, it's worth snapping a pic:


It's hard to see in the picture because I didn't want to get too close. It looked like he was thinking about jumping on me.

--- 6 ---

The playground at our parish is a popular place for my kids to hang out. And now there's some extra entertainment right next to it, thanks to the start of the construction project of a new religious education building:

Nice view from the playground


--- 7 ---

I love priests who have great senses of humor. In my latest post for Austin Catholic New Media, I finally compiled a list of the funniest things I've ever heard priests say. Check it our right over here.

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  1. A few years back, there was a large construction project happening next to the wholesale club we shopped at. I could always appease everyone with "Only a few more things then we can go watch the dump trucks!" Even when I'm alone in the car now, I still catch myself wanting to shout out or slow down every time there's a back hoe! or bulldozer! or cement mixer!