November 21, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 99 (All kids all the time)

--- 1 ---

Don't you just hate it when you get ducks stuck in your prize chute? Or prize "shute" -- whatever that is.

We took both kids for haircuts last weekend, and I got a kick out this warning sign that was on the prize machine that magically dispenses an age-appropriate toy to each child after a haircut. And by magically I mean that the stylist covertly sticks a toy into one end of the tube, and it slides out of the other end through the prize machine.

--- 2 ---

The other thing that amused me at the kids' haircut place were the little vacuum devices on the floor near each barber chair. So in between customers the stylists just have to sweep the hair right into the vacuums. I wish sweeping were that easy at home.

--- 3 ---

Urologists say the funniest things. During a routine checkup, my older daughter's doctor said, "These are the most normal kidneys I've seen all day."


--- 4 ---

My daughter's third grade class is learning about the science of the future. How else would you explain the 2015 copyright in the textbook?

--- 5 ---

That same adorable daughter said to me the other day, "Daddy, I need a cold one." It's not what you think. She was asking for a glass of milk!


--- 6 ---

My two-year-old is very clever with her words too. I showed her a small cut on my finger. The following day we had this conversation about it:

Daughter: Daddy, you have a cut on your finger?

Adam: Yes, I do.

Daughter: I'm so proud of you!

Adam: Thanks.


--- 7 ---

One day when I came out of the bathroom she said, "Daddy you go pee-pee then you flush-a the potty." She was correct.

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