December 5, 2014

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 100 (Stooge tree, card chomper, choke-worthy coffee and more)

--- 1 ---

As usual, I spent a chunk of time at the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend dragging our Christmas decorations out of the garage. I'm sorry to say that my Three Stooges Christmas ornaments didn't make it onto the tree again this year.

--- 2 ---

One of the recipients on our Christmas card list may receive a slightly used -- or slightly eaten -- Christmas card, unless we ordered a few extras. My two-year-old got ahold of the box and started chomping on one of the cards.


--- 3 ---

If it's not a well-known fact, then it should be: Never in the history of mankind has a little coffee maker in a hotel room produced a good cup of coffee. I gave this one a chance (after cleaning it first) when we stayed in a hotel on Thanksgiving. How did it taste? Yuck.

--- 4 ---

That reminds me of one other place where the coffee is never good: on an airplane. Whenever I order coffee on a plane, I always regret it but drink it anyway so I don't have to hang on to a full cup until trash time.

--- 5 ---

I bravely and heroically joined my wife and kids on a shopping excursion at the Hobby Lobby recently. The last thing we looked at were picture frames. And I couldn't help but wonder if this poor (model) bride's dress was itchy.


--- 6 ---

I am amused by the plumber who signs his name "plumber." Check out this sign I saw near a communal sink:

I guess if he had just signed his name "John" then nobody would have known he was a plumber. Or if he had signed his name "John the Plumber" then maybe that "Joe the Plumber" guy (is he still famous?) would have sued him.

--- 7 ---

All my life I thought the plural form of the word "cow" was always "cows." Then I saw this while playing Words with Friends. Who knew?

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