January 16, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 104 (W for daddy, cheese humor, crazy carrot and more)

ONE: I'm always amused when when people talk about the major awards shows on TV because I know nothing about them. All the social media chatter about the Golden Globes the other night and the Oscar nominations yesterday was over my head because I don't watch much TV and rarely see movies. You may be surprised at how many popular TV shows and movies I've never even heard of. I delved into this back in 2012 and 2013.

TWO: After far more ice storms last winter than we usually get in this part of Texas, the first ice storm this winter came and went with minimal impact. It was a struggle just to find a few icicles to photograph.

THREE: I'm proud of my two-year-old daughter's sharp knowledge of the alphabet. But occasionally she makes the most adorable mistakes. We were in the car headed to Mass on Sunday, and she was pointing out some letters on road signs. I asked her what letter she saw, and she said, "I saw a W -- for daddy!"

FOUR: I declined my daughter's fashion advice when I was getting ready for Mass. She decided to pick out a pair of shoes for me and came out of the closet with these.

FIVE: My little one didn't understand the joke, but when I saw her running in circles around the kitchen while carrying a piece of cheese, I said, "Hey, don't run with cheese. But at least it's not sharp cheddar."

SIX: When I was in school I was always good at reading and writing but hated math. I still do. So you can imagine my shock when my older daughter, who's in the third grade, showed me her grammar homework. How dare they try to incorporate math into a grammar lesson!

SEVEN: We regularly buy baby carrots because they are a healthy and convenient snack. But something must have gone horribly wrong at the carrot factory. Look what I pulled out of the bag.

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