January 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 106 (Laptop pillow, old yogurt, royal icing and more)

ONE: Some warning labels are just too funny. As I pulled a new laptop out of the box I was momentarily stumped -- and amused -- by these two warnings:

The first one looks like maybe the person is using the laptop as a pillow and is upset because it's not comfortable. The second one looks like the laptop is falling on top of a crawling baby. Then I figured out that these were suffocation warnings for the plastic wrapper that was around the laptop.

TWO: I've never worked in a grocery store, so I don't know how stores keep up with product expiration dates. But I was rather stunned last week when I was in a major grocery retail store and saw two packs of yogurt that expired on December 29, 2014! I grabbed them off the shelf and handed them to the first employee I could find.

THREE: My poor eight-year-old daughter was sick over the weekend and threw up a couple of times. We kept a bucket near her, and my two-year-old must have been jealous because at one point she grabbed the bucket (thankfully it was clean), leaned her head into it and playfully simulated the sounds of vomiting for our amusement.

FOUR: Like many kids, my little one is a picky eater. She saw me bringing a bowl of salad over to the dinner table and said, "I don't want any yummy salad."

FIVE: Someone I know, but rarely see, came up to me right before Mass on Sunday and asked if I have a twin brother in town. I said, "No, but I have an older brother who lives in another state." The guy said he made eye contact with someone in a restaurant the day before who looked exactly like me. It was not I because I wasn't in a restaurant that day.

SIX: The lookalike conversation reminded of what my late grandmother used to say back when I lived in South Florida more than 20-years ago. She always thought I looked just like Rick Sanchez who was a Miami news anchor at the time and then years later went on to make the rounds at some of the cable news channels. Sorry, but I don't see the resemblance.

Image credit: ricksanchez.me

SEVEN: It has not yet been built, but we have a Frozen (for those of you without kids, that's a movie) edible gingerbread house in our kitchen. I don't know anything about confections, but I thought it was funny that the label said the cookies and the regular icing were made in the Canada, but the "royal" icing was from the United States. Are the differences between the regular and royal icing so significant that they had to be made in separate countries?

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