February 20, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 109 (Flourishing Flowers, Bea or me, sugar flurries and more)

ONE: Any Valentine's Day without vomit and diarrhea is a success in my book. Last Saturday marked the fifth anniversary of the Great Valentine's Day Stomach Virus which crippled my entire household in 2010 (not counting my youngest daughter who wasn't born for two more years).

TWO: On a happier note, I'm glad that the flowers I gave to my wife are still alive. Giving flowers is a nice gesture, and it's always the thought that counts. But it's disappointing when flowers croak just a few days later.

THREE: I had a funny feeling that I was starting to come down with something last Sunday evening as I was leading a couple of communion services at the county jail. By the time I got home that night my voice was shot and I sounded a lot like Bea Arthur. Then on Monday I could barely talk at all. Luckily I'm an introvert and I like to keep quiet.

Bea or me? [Image credit: Wikipedia]

FOUR: The overall sickness passed, but I still had a lingering cough for a few more days. And of course, as soon as I sat down at Mass on Ash Wednesday I had a tremendous coughing fit. I can't stand that feeling of being somewhere quiet and trying to fight off the urge to cough.

FIVE: As Lent began, I decided to give up the same thing this year as I have for the past few Lents: time. I want to spend more time praying and less time doing other things. Hopefully I can do better this time.

SIX: Need a little sugar with your coffee? I had a little accident with the sugar container.

SEVEN: I'm working on a new post for Austin Catholic New Media which has something to do with this verse that somebody received in a text message.

Stay tuned.

EPILOGUE: For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain't The Lyceum.

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