February 27, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 110 (UPS MIA, club dancing, Nixon baby and more)

ONE: Do packages really get lost in the mail? I purchased something from Amazon, and it disappeared inside a UPS warehouse. Really. I was expecting to see "Out for delivery" in the package tracking, but finally several days after the box made it to a UPS warehouse, the tracking said that the package "could not be located." At that point, Amazon sent a replacement via rush delivery. Weird.

TWO: My brother spotted a U-Haul rental trailer being pulled by a Penske rental truck. Isn't that awkward? That's sort of the equivalent of a UPS truck delivering a package to a FedEx store or the driver of a Coke delivery truck drinking a Pepsi while behind the wheel.


THREE: I don't know exactly what goes on inside the "billard culb" (sic) with the dual typos in its sign (as I wrote about last year), but I have an update on what happens out front. My family stumbled upon quite a sword-swingin' performance in the parking lot as we were leaving an adjacent restaurant. Here's a quick look:


FOUR: It's unusual to see a manufacturer purposely cover up its own logo on a product. I have a Keurig Mini coffee maker in my office, and it was recalled due to the possibility of it spraying hot water on people. Keurig sent a "repair kit" which is a piece of plastic that covers the front handle and, strangely enough, hides the Keurig name.

FIVE: My eight-year-old daughter made an observation that mirrors how I used to feel when I was in school. She's always been an advanced reader, but this year she discovered that it's not as fun to read when it's a book that you have to read for school. I can relate to that. It's a lot less appealing to read a book when you are forced to do it.

SIX: Enough time has passed that it's now safe for me to admit that as I kid there were many times when I resorted to reading the Cliffs Notes instead of the actual books that I was assigned to read. It was just way too tempting to read a handy 40 page summary of Great Expectations instead of the 3-gazillion page original. It was always amusing that Cliffs Notes were marketed as something to read in addition to the actual book. Yeah, right!

SEVEN: The cashier at Target asked me for my date of birth when I bought a bottle of over-the-counter cough medicine. I was born during the Nixon administration. Do I really look too young to buy cough medicine? I gave her the correct year but said my birthday was January 1. I hate to lie, but isn't it an identity theft risk to say your date of birth out loud in front of a bunch of strangers?

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