March 27, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 114 (Candle licking, Canadian geography, church vs. Chick-fil-A and more)


ONE: If you've ever had the pleasure (or displeasure as the case may be) of shopping at IKEA then you know how a rat must feel when it's stuck in a maze. When my family and I went to IKEA last week I decided to track our meandering path on my Fitbit. Check out our journey:


TWO: Somewhere in the midst of that 2+ mile sojourn I found some amusing warning labels in the candle department.I think this first one means, "Don't let your dog lick the candle."

And this one means, "Don't spit on your candle, but it's okay to put a party hat on it."


THREE: The other day an AT&T telemarketer told me that I would be able to call "anywhere in the United States, including Canada." I'll take Geography for $500, Alex!

FOUR: I went to the dentist yesterday and told the hygienist that I want to stick with her every time (I usually rotate between the two hygienists depending on schedule availability) because "you're less painful than the other hygienist." She made a note in my file that I want to see the same person each time. But later I felt bad because I wondered if the other hygienist heard me say that; there is only a partial wall in between the two exam rooms.

FIVE: I took all of last week off to hang out with the family while my kids were on spring break. It always stinks to go back to work after a vacation, especially when you have a ton of calls and emails to catch up on.

SIX: My eight-year-old daughter told me yesterday that she can do 100 pushups. Maybe this weekend I'll ask her to give it a try, and I'll keep count.

SEVEN: My wife told my two-year-old daughter that it was time to leave for church, and the little one said, "I don't want to go to church. I want to go to Chick-fil-A."

EPILOGUE: For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain't The Lyceum.


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