April 10, 2015

7 Quick Takes - Vol. 115 (Easter splash, perennial pizza, workplace stooges and more)

ONE: Ten years ago I took the plunge. No, not marriage (that was eleven years ago). I was baptized a decade ago on Easter. If you're wondering what I remember most about that powerful experience, I can sum it up in four points:

  • I was wet.
  • I was worried.
  • I was (very slightly) bloody.
  • I wish I could do it again.

You'll have to wait until my next Austin Catholic New Media post in a few weeks for more details!

TWO: While some people overdose on chocolate and other candy at Easter, my problem this year was pizza. Due to an unusual set of circumstances, from Holy Saturday through Tuesday I had pizza as a meal five times. It started with our family over-estimating how much pizza we needed when we decided to order takeout Saturday night, so there were tons of leftovers. Then we were unexpectedly invited for pizza Sunday night. I made the ultimate sacrifice and finished the last two pieces for lunch on Tuesday.

THREE: I didn't eat any for Easter, but I was amused by the label on on these croutons. It seems like a marketing clash to have New York and Texas on the same product.


FOUR: Federal Express changed its name to FedEx in 2000, but Sam's Club didn't get the memo. After I ordered something from Sam's online (for business purposes; personally I prefer Costco.), my receipt said the product would ship by Federal Express. I wonder if Sam's Club calls people using American Telephone & Telegraph or searches for things on the web using BackRub.

FIVE: I'm so glad baseball season is back, even though my team is in rebuilding mode this year. Perhaps the Braves will surprise people.

SIX: I can relate to what happened to former major league pitcher Jamie Moyer recently. He and other tourists got stuck on a roller coaster at Disneyland. In the 80s I got stuck on the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney World and had to be led out an emergency exit. The most terrifying part of the whole experience was having to listen to that Small World song over and over until were were rescued!

SEVEN: My beloved Three Stooges Christmas ornaments haven't made it onto our tree for several years. So this week I finally gave them a new home and relocated them to my office as a year-round decoration.


EPILOGUE: For more Quick Takes, visit This Ain't The Lyceum.



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